Today, most people understand the functional necessity of hardware, but an appreciation of its larger purpose and potential has, for the most part, been lost. We believe hardware plays a leading role in the architectural design process and it is our mission to elevate its stature within the decorative arts. To achieve this end we have dedicated ourselves to providing fine decorative hardware to architects and designers who value its potential as a design element and who wish to use it to take their buildings one step further, into the realm of art.

For a company to achieve such a goal, it must have the ability to affect every step in the process. E.R. Butler & Co. is a firm structured to handle all the elements necessary to fulfill the needs of the most exacting clients, from initial design and consultation, to the manufacture and finishing of a perfect final product.

Our early American hardware collection in brass and crystal is the company's cornerstone. These classic pieces are the original designs of our New England predecessors. The innovative work of these early manufacturers is not only our firm's foundation, but also a constant source of knowledge and inspiration. We have supplemented this rich base with a belief in traditional craft and solid design principles to insure hardware of beauty and quality. By embracing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology we have cultivated the ability to create any type of custom hardware imaginable. These attributes, together with our associations with like-minded producers around the world, create a range of products available in almost any style or period.

E.R. Butler & Co. combines this manufacturing and supply capability with a commitment to service and consultation that is unparalleled in our industry. Initial consultation, scheduling, design and drafting capability, estimating and custom specification, a large library of design and metalworking books, and the world's largest library of hardware trade catalogs round out the list of services available under our name.

This multifaceted approach yields a company uniquely positioned to give voice to buildings that might otherwise be nothing more than a mute assemblage of spaces.

–Dan Lane