G. Bonomi & Figli

Every door realizes a boundary between spaces; each represents a decision to be made. Knob, lever, turn or pull – the handle represents a primal point of connection and the possibility of discovery within.

Since its inception, E.R. Butler & Co. has been committed to designing and producing the most exquisite architectural hardware with this unique understanding in mind. Respect for the traditions of craftsmanship and the artistry of historical eras meets a vibrant embrace of current technology and contemporary living in work renowned worldwide. The culmination of a matchless vision, their collections are shaped by rigorous research, distinctive design, uncompromising production values and personal service. The result is a compelling and enduring presence appropriate for every environment. With the launch of the Fluted Collection, G. Bonomi & Figli and E.R. Butler & Co. begin an exclusive partnership realizing shared values and a dedication to the progressive and powerful foresight of its founders.

The revival of traditions begins with valuable insights from the past. In a stunning evocation of Modernism, the workshop in Tione di Trento produced prescient pieces of early twentieth century design in the International Style that comprised the origins of this sleek and sophisticated Collection. This reconsideration of timeless beauty became the baseline not only for future collections but also for a fresh look at the possibilities of architectural hardware in the twenty-first century.

Synthesizing efficiency in production and elegance of form, E.R. Butler & Co. has worked with the Bonomi family to introduce a revolutionary structure for design and manufacturing focused on consistency and compatibility. This hardware classification system embodies a holistic perspective on the needs of residential and commercial environments and provides the client with a guide that ensures a world of solutions for the range of technical and global applications. 3-D software and digital imaging allows us to imagine a breadth of possibilities with the inspiration of the past. We are uniquely positioned with a collection and a comprehensive new approach to goods and services that proudly speaks to our heritage.

Architectural Hardware
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